How Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Better Serves You

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Businesses can be bulky, slow to change, and stuck in bureaucracy. When you work with a business, you want to work with a group that is constantly bettering itself. After all, how can you trust someone to work for you when they don’t work for themselves? We are a top-notch team of professionals, but we know we can always be improving. This drive to be better is why our team has trained in the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC tools and concepts and earned a Yellow Belt certification.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt represents our experience, knowledge, and certification with the Six Sigma professional methodology. The Six Sigma methodology uses statistical tools and concepts to locate where problems and issues arise in a process. For us, this doesn’t just help our work as packaging experts. It also helps those we work with as we integrate and optimize workflows to accommodate new and upgraded packaging automation tools. Ask us more about how we can help you today!

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Avoiding Wasteful Business Practice

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Every business has to balance expenses and income, which becomes more and more difficult as a business grows. Staying lean and efficient is critical to the long-term success of an organization. The Lean 6 Sigma training emphasizes eliminating unnecessary processes and building on what works. For us, this focus on lean has reduced stress, made training and retaining good workers easier, and highlighted problems for us to handle.

A traditional business structure puts the CEO at the top of the structure. This system leads a team to the conclusion that all processes and customers serve the CEO in the end. However, a lean system uses clients at the top of the structure. This change means all processes need to hold the client’s satisfaction as the end goal, not the CEO.

The Yellow Belt Certification has given our front-line associates renewed support and value from behind the scenes. This prioritization gives you the benefits of service that is fast and efficient and can help streamline your process for leanness and productivity.

This leanness comes from identifying “DOWNTIME” and monitoring 8 areas of waste:

Errors cause waste by requiring you to repeat work, trash results, and deal with frustration.
Excess product might seem nice in the long run, but is a source of error down the line.
Time is money, and long lines are a sign that processes are inefficient and too slow.
Not making full use of your people’s skills and talents is wasting their time and potential.
Moving products and materials should be kept to a minimum – ideally directly to the consumer.
Storage should carry as much as is needed since excess inventory is difficult to manage.
Unnecessary movements by people.
Unnecessary processing (going above and beyond) adds no value.

These areas of waste all interact and inform each other in unique combinations, leading to further waste and difficulty. Management of these wastes is a core aspect of the Six Sigma exam. Our certification shows our confidence and grasp of how to identify and manage these areas of waste. A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt displays our commitment to identifying, reducing, and remedying these throughout our work.

Building Efficiency with Lean Daily Management

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Lean Daily Management is built on top of the Japanese philosophy of kaizen (改善). Kai, meaning ‘change,’ and zen, meaning ‘better,’ come together to mean improvement or betterment. The core tenet of this philosophy is that improvement should be a continuous part of a person’s life. Applied to the workplace, kaizen can be built into the business to improve all aspects of work.

We can then follow up on kaizen by further elaborating on how to integrate improvement into the day-to-day management of your business. We seek to live up to our Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt certification by living up to these key concepts. These include KPIs, Daily Huddles, and Gemba – a daily walkthrough by management that reinforces leadership’s integration with the workers.

Lean Daily Management and the Six Sigma Certification exam reaffirm the understanding of these ideas and push you to re-examine how to use them moving forward. Our business has massively benefited daily, incremental improvements at all levels.

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Identifying Root Causes And Deploying Corrective Action

You come to us with problems – you need automation, you need upgrades, you need something to improve your production line. Problem-solving is core to our business, and we have built upon this with the 6 Sigma Yellow Belt training. This course taught the 8 Disciplines model of problem-solving, which quality engineers and professionals often employ. These disciplines serve to identify, correct, and solve recurring problems. These disciplines form a process of corrective actions that dive into your issues and find the root cause.

One of the many steps towards identifying the root cause is to isolate and contain the symptoms of an issue. If you find more product failures occur at a specific point in your production line, identifying the root cause requires you to separate what occurs at that step and how to solve the issue. The above focus on a Lean business helps you identify root causes by removing unnecessary steps, materials, and movement that might confuse the analysis.

Once a root cause is identified, the process of solving the issue is broken down into steps. Constantly asking ‘why?’ will help dig into the issue and find a definitive solution. But solutions aren’t the end of a problem. The lean 6 Sigma Yellow training delves into the importance of evaluating how a problem is handled, and praising those who solve it. This reinforces the improvement and mindset of continual betterment.

Enjoy Our Ever-Evolving Service that’s Been Improved by Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Your business is constantly changing. You come to us for automation and improvement of your process, and we want you to know we offer even more than you expect. Your production line needs to work at its absolute best, and we want to help however we can.

With the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification, we have trained and educated to provide unmatched service and expertise. We want to bring the knowledge and understanding that we have earned to you. Call us today, and we will do everything we can to help improve your process, streamline your workflow, and boost your productivity.