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At Creative Packaging Solutions, we’re more than a simple packaging company. We are collaborators, engineers, and integrators who love to get our hands dirty, solve unique problems, streamline inefficient processes, and improve your bottom line.

We specialize in streamlining outer and secondary packaging processes to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and eliminate mistakes that lead to rejects and recalls.

Your custom packaging solution is just a few clicks away – fill out our form to contact a professional who will provide you with a custom packaging solution that will optimize and improve your manufacturing process.

Read on below to learn more about how these packaging automation solutions will work for you!

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Our Customized Solutions Start With You!

In today’s market, manufacturers like you need to be as efficient as possible. Every time you have a hand-off or shift in the production line, you lose value. If you’ve experienced hold-ups or slow-downs, our automated and robotic packaging solutions company is the answer.

You are likely looking at many packaging automation companies, but we want you to be confident that we offer a total package. You don’t just want a fancy new toy – you want a tool that will improve your process, enhance your productivity, and boost your profits.

You might worry that you have a product or process that just can’t be automated. Try us! We have professionals who are trained, knowledgeable, and experienced with dozens of industries and processes. Our team can work with you to design, integrate, and implement packaging automation solutions into nearly any industry and workflow. You will reap the benefits when we deliver on our promise of increased productivity and profits.

Our custom packaging solutions include a wide array of manufacturing options that will improve your bottom line:

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Co-Create Custom Designs

You may think your process is more than we can handle, but our designers have experience with pharmaceuticals, food production, large CPGs, and more. We can work with complicated processes and provide custom automated packaging solutions that will reduce packaging errors and costly time sinks at the end of the process.

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Receive Cutting Edge Engineering

You can’t waste time on breakdowns or lengthy repairs. Trust in well-engineered robotics that handles products easily. Never again lose out on profits because of costly accidents and errors. Our automated shrink-wrap machines, robotic palletizers, and automated solutions machines will improve your output by avoiding bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

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Integrate New Advancements

You’ve likely seen dozens of devices that promise improvements to your workflow, but fitting in a new device can cause confusion and profit loss. We will work with you to integrate your new device directly into your production line. You will enjoy the benefits of an expert team who will work to minimize errors while you improve your process.

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Be Confident in Implementation

You want automation and robotics that will take work off of your hands, but can’t afford downtime or bottlenecks while implementing the new equipment. We work with you to ensure your new solutions are introduced smoothly. Your new packaging robots shouldn’t come with growing pains, which is why we teach everyone involved on how to use the new technology.

Our Process Brings You In!

Other packaging automation companies will only offer their devices and options, leaving you uncertain about how or where to integrate your new system. We want to ensure you get the most out of your process at all steps. That’s why you will meet our team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, programmers, technicians, and project managers in order to find the exact mix of tools and devices that will fit into your automated packaging system.

You can access our tools ranging from robotic palletizers to packaging robots, automated shrink-wrap machines, to metal detectors. We can serve all of your needs with a customized and automated packaging system. Reach out today to learn exactly how we can help you!