Automated Material Handling – Silently Creating Profit and Efficiency

automated material handling

Positive Impacts of Automated Material Handling Solutions

How much time is your team spending opening cases? What about constructing new cases and palletizing them?

Thinking through the monotonous material handling processes can be frustrating – you quite literally are burning cash taking material off a pallet, opening cases, reassembling cases, and re-palletizing them for shipment. And with labor shortages at all time highs, there’s even lower tolerance for low ROI operations.

There is a way to cut these losses and increase your profits, and that’s through automation.

Automated systems have been shown to be up to 400% faster than manual ones, with error rates as low as 0.01%. In other words, for every 100 orders processed manually, one will likely contain an error – whereas with automation, that number plummets to just one per 100,000.

Not only does this improve your order accuracy and customer satisfaction scores, but it also frees up time for your team to focus on other, more complex tasks.

Integrating material handling automation can increase order accuracy, speed and profitability

If you’re still not convinced of the ROI associated with investing in an automated solution, consider this – the cost of a single error can range from $25 to $250, while the average cost of an automated system is just $0.50 per order.the average cost of an automated system is just $0.50 per order.

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When you factor in the increased efficiency and accuracy, it’s clear that automated systems are a wise investment for any business – no matter the size. CPSolutions has years of experience helping businesses automate their operations. Let’s connect and help buildout your custom automation solution.