Equipment Analytics

Many manufacturing companies are dependent on equipment and machinery for their production process, so it makes sense to keep close tabs on the health of that equipment. Equipment Analysis allows users to measure and track asset utilization, and analyze failures and downtime to help identify common causes or potential problems such as faulty replacement parts or inadequate maintenance. Knowing that the critical equipment is in the best possible condition helps to ensure that the company is effectively managing assets and can stay on schedule to make on-time shipments. By sticking to the production schedule, the company will enjoy more consistently accurate revenue predictions and happier customers.

KPIs for Effective Equipment Analysis

KPI’s provide analytics to help both managers and users monitor metrics and KPIs.

Top Percentage of Equipment with Failures

A chart showing the top pieces of equipment that had failures. Identifying the most fragile machinery can lead to more frequent and in-depth preventive maintenance designed to keep the machine in peak operating condition. It can also alert schedulers to look for alternative routings for critical orders and help production management determine the best replacement and upgrade schedule for equipment when it comes time for capital budgeting.

Percentage of Failures by Equipment Type

Like the above, this graphic identifies equipment types with the highest failure rates. Knowing that one type of equipment is prone to failure can lead to more frequent preventive maintenance. Schedulers can also ensure they leave adequate time open in the work center or equipment group to allow for downtime without affecting the schedule. Management may want to reevaluate their equipment choices when it comes time to replace or upgrade the most failure-prone equipment, or plan to budget for more capacity to ensure the equipment doesn’t become a bottleneck.

Total Hours Down by Equipment Type by Reasons

Shows the total downtime by equipment type, with detail by reason code. This helps the maintenance team focus on the equipment type that has the largest impact on schedules or costs, and to address the reasons that are primary causes. By addressing downtime causes this way, the team’s effort will have the greatest impact in the short term, and they can continue working on high priorities over time to smooth out operations and reduce overall downtime.

Total Hours Down by Equipment Failure

This can show the downtime by individual pieces of equipment. It can displays total hours with detail by failure type, allowing the preventive maintenance team to address the reasons with the biggest impact. It may also identify preventive maintenance protocols that are inadequate or that maintenance has not followed correctly.