How Automation can Retain Employees in a Factory

Employee turnover and lost productivity go hand in hand. It’s difficult to balance the two, as you want your team to be productive, but having to replace employees frequently will thwart the gains you make from higher output on the existing team. Fortunately, factory automation can help with both issues.

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand that your current employees may view factory automation as a threat. This is the biggest misconception that you’ll need to combat as an operator. Factory automation is not there to replace your employees, but to make them more effective, and allow them to up-skill. Communicating this and reassuring your team that the automation you’re putting in place will make the environment better, safer and more productive is vital. Even the best automation still requires happy employees to operate it.

Factory Automation: Making the Work Environment More Comfortable

Factory automation can help to reduce employee turnover by making the working environment more comfortable and efficient. This means that employees are less likely to leave for another job, and when they do, it’s not because of the working conditions.

For example, let’s say you just purchased an automatic palletizer. At first, your existing employees may view this as threatening. However after you train them on how to operate it, they realize that their job just became much easier and more efficient. No longer do your employees need to strain their own bodies to palletize goods and shrink wrap them. Instead, they’re able to process and handle material throughout the facility with less hardship on their body, all while being more efficient.

Factory Automation: Providing a Safer Working Environment

Another big reason why factory automation can help reduce employee turnover is by providing a safer working environment. This is incredibly important, as no employee wants to feel like they’re in danger while at work. By automating tasks that may be considered dangerous, you can take away this fear and give your employees a sense of security.

For example, if you have a team of employees who are constantly lifting heavy boxes onto shelves, an automated box stacker can take over this task. Not only will this make the job easier for your employees, but it will also eliminate the risk of them injuring themselves while performing this physically demanding task.

Factory Automation: Allowing Employees to Up-Skill

Finally, factory automation can help reduce employee turnover by allowing employees to up-skill. When your factory is automated, your employees are no longer needed for tasks that can be completed by machines. This frees them up to learn new skills that can help them advance their career within your company.

If you have a team of employees who are currently only responsible for packing boxes, you can train them to operate the automated box stacker. This not only allows them to take on a more interesting and challenging role within your factory, but it also gives them the opportunity to earn a higher wage.

Factory automation doesn’t just benefit your bottom line – it can also help you retain your existing employees and attract new ones. By making the working environment more comfortable and efficient, providing a safer working environment, and allowing employees to up-skill, factory automation can help reduce employee turnover and keep your factory running like a well-oiled machine.

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