Manufacturing Tech Orders Are Up 13%…In a Recession

Despite the recession, manufacturing technology orders are up 13% (AMT Sept. 2022).

In this high inflationary time, factory automation orders are up 1%. This could be a sign that businesses are doubling down on the future of their operations, and looking to make them more resilient. Companies are trying to reduce costs by automating more processes. In particular, they are interested in automating repetitive and dangerous tasks, as well as those that require precision and speed. One example of this is the packaging industry, where  robots are now used for everything from scanning and labeling to packing and sorting.

The trend towards automation is also impacting the way that businesses are organized. A lot of companies are moving away from traditional, hierarchical structures, and instead opting for a more agile approach to operations. This means that teams have more autonomy, allowing them to be creative and innovate. This trend is expected to continue, as businesses look for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The future of manufacturing technology looks very promising. Automation is making it possible for factories to produce goods faster and more efficiently, at a lower cost than ever before. As manufacturers continue to gain experience in automation technology, they will be able to create even more advanced systems that can help them better manage their operations and production processes. This could lead to even greater gains in efficiency and productivity, making manufacturing an even more attractive industry. As the economy enters recovery, this growth trajectory should continue, making automation technology increasingly important for all businesses.
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