Packaging Integration Trend

Machines conversing – Wait? What?

Interconnectedness is a fast-growing concept among OEMs in the packaging industry.  However, this fast-growing concept is anything but new.  Integration (interconnectedness) is a concept that has been a core value at CPS since inception.  Being able to interface and communicate with many different OEMs and their controls has allowed CPS to provide reliable factory automation systems to many industries. 

This structure has proven to be successful for both our vendors and clients.  Forming a strong relationship between both generates advancements in solutions that otherwise may never occur.  Vendors additionally gain support and collaboration with our technical and engineering departments while clients receive a proven system that is customized to their needs.  Clients receive technical support post commissioning from CPS to help maximize system uptime – weather it be in the form of a preventative maintenance program, phone call or on-site support. 

Forming a strong partnership with our vendors and customers along with attention to detail is paramount to successful integrated solutions.  From case erectors to robotics – the CREATIVE INTEGRATION solutions are endless.