Right Sizing Your Automation

Automation has always played a part in the production process.  Since COVID19, automation has become a KEY and prominent factor – dare we say a MUST to succeed in today’s world market.  However, right sizing your automation can be a daunting task.  The need to incorporate automation to maintain or grow the business can cause a lot of stress – from where to start to how to maintain post commissioning. 

What is right sizing?  It’s choosing an automation solution to answer the needs of your process.  This answer is different for every business.  It could mean performing tasks with less operators (addressing labor shortage), increasing product quality and reliability, improved safety, and increasing throughput to name a few.  Answering these questions starts the process of creating a project scope, budget and timeline which will “Right Size” your automation. 

Unfortunately, many businesses fall into trends rather than thought out solutions that are right sized.  Consider robotics, one of the hottest trends in automation, however, it is only one form of automation and does not fit every need.  Choosing a trend over the correct solution will often result in a less than desirable result.    

One of the best ways to improve your success when choosing automation is to work with an experienced professional systems integrator like CPS.  Our expertise and experience in the automation sector will provide the best possible solution for your application.  Reach out for your next CREATIVE Right Sized automation solution!