Be More Productive with Case Packers & Tray Packaging Automation

Are you sick of bottlenecks in your manufacturing process? Need your end-of-line processes to keep up with the rest of your production? Let us help you boost your output and increase the quality of your packaging! Whether you’re looking for new equipment to improve efficiency, need to add additional capacity, or want to integrate a whole new product line, Creative Packaging Solutions can help you get there.

Your business relies on attractive, secure, and efficient packed cases and tray packaging. Let us help you make the most of every piece of equipment you have available to you. Picture the smoothest and most efficient automation you could have on hand, and see it at work with our expertise! We specialize in the design and integration of customized case and tray solutions to meet your production goals and budget requirements. We offer customized solutions for:

A WF30 automatic case erector

Case erecting and tray forming can be some of the most time-consuming and repetitive parts of getting your product out the door. You don’t want to spend valuable man-hours doing the simple task of setting up your packaging equipment or spend time going back and forth from tray forming to packing and back again. Think of the smooth and uninterrupted process you could be enjoying today when you automate these processes in your production line!

a tray former machine

Once you have your cases and trays in a row, you’ll need to get your product securely packed and out the door. Case and tray packers will safely and gently put your product away, while an automatic sealer will ensure that there is no error or product loss as your goods enter the supply chain. Every step of your process can be automated and upgraded with one simple call. Kick back and enjoy the easy life provided by our tray and case packers!

Start by Telling Us Why

When you visit other companies, they begin the conversation with WHAT you need. We start with WHY you need it. You get the service experience of telling us everything about your process and WHY your system works for you. This way, you will receive a holistic and high-level view of what we think fits your needs. We’ll ask WHY you need a case erector and how you plan to use it with other components of your production line.

This WHY approach helps us uncover issues with upstream or downstream processes that the introduction of new equipment could adversely impact. We’ll work with you to resolve these issues or recommend alternative solutions.

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Then You Receive Innovation

Your manufacturing process is unique. We have worked with dozens of companies and know no universal process exists. That’s why you receive an in-depth discussion about your process so that we can see the innovative ways you currently work and match the creative processes that you employ. We don’t just give you case packers. We offer a variety of tools and equipment that could benefit you and your business.

It’s not enough to be efficient in manufacturing. You have to be creative and forward-thinking. The innovative practices at work in manufacturing are why we at Creative Packaging Solutions are always excited to work with a new business. We have decades of experience in finding new uses for our case and tray packaging equipment, and we want to see what we can do alongside your own experience.

Finally, Save Yourself the Hassle of Integration!

Well-integrated solutions are much more important than the sale of a single piece of equipment. Our goal is to make your operation more efficient, more cost-effective, and more reliable from the start. A case or tray packaging machine won’t save you time or money if you lose work days trying to fit it into your process. That’s why we care about reviewing your production line and your reasons for every step.

Every case packer has its own space and directional flow needs, and your tray packaging needs to be just right before your products are sent out. Don’t struggle with re-organizing your entire production line for a piece of new packaging equipment. Let us take the work of strategizing your integration so you can enjoy the benefits of a newly upgraded system. Ready to upgrade your processes for greater efficiency?

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