Case & Tray Solutions

Whether you’re looking for new equipment to improve efficiency, need to add additional capacity, or want to integrate a whole new product line, Creative Packaging Solutions can help you get there. We specialize in the design and integration of customized case and tray solutions to meet your production goals and budget requirements.

Customized Solutions for:

We Start with Why…

While some companies begin the conversation with WHAT you need, we start with WHY you need it. In fact, we don’t focus on the components of your production line until we understand your operation as a whole. We’ll ask WHY you need a case erector and how you plan to use it with other components of your production line.

This WHY approach helps us uncover issues with upstream or downstream processes that could be adversely impacted by the introduction of new equipment. We’ll work with you to resolve these issues or recommend alternative solutions.

Integrated solutions are much more important than the sale of a single piece of equipment. Our goal is to make your operation more efficient, more cost-effective, and more reliable from the start.

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