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Industrial Solutions

At Creative Packaging Solutions, we’re more than a simple packaging company. We are collaborators, engineers, and integrators who love to get our hands dirty, solve unique problems, streamline inefficient processes, and improve the bottom line.

We offer a variety of integrated, customized solutions for a wide array of production challenges, including:

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Case & Tray

Whether you’re looking for new equipment to improve efficiency, need to add additional capacity, or want to integrate a whole new product line, we specialize in the design and integration of customized case and tray solutions to meet your production goals.

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Coding & Marking

Whether you’re launching a new product line, need to meet new regulatory compliance standards, or refining your manufacturing process, Creative Packaging Solutions can help you design and integrate coding and marking technology for your production line.

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Robotic Solutions

Want to increase capacity, maintain production levels with fewer employees, or improve overall efficiency? Explore customized, integrated solutions designed to improve efficiency and boost your bottom line, including assembly, picking, packing, and palletizing.

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Launching a new product, need solutions for co-branded product packaging, or want to add capabilities to produce sampler kits or multi-packs? We can help you develop and refine new processes to deliver your product successfully and increase product safety.

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Packaging Automation

We specialize in streamlining outer and secondary packaging processes to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and eliminate mistakes that lead to rejects and recalls. Explore solutions for shrink wrap, bundle wrap, shrink band, stretch wrap, and palletizing.

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Custom Design / Engineering

Whether you’re developing a new product, tapping into a new market, or designing a whole new way to interact with a popular product, you need a custom, integrated solution. Our team can work with you from concept through completion to bring your vision to market.

Ready to solve your production challenges, do more with less, or develop new and innovative processes? Get in touch with our team!