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Tom Wapinsky - Managing Member

Thomas Wapinsky

Managing Partner

Thomas founded Creative Packaging Solutions on the principle that unparalleled customer service is the RIGHT way to do business. He currently handles business management, sales, and engineering. He feels blessed to witness the amazing growth of CPS clients, staff, and the company itself.

“I am Blessed by God to have had the opportunity to develop this company – and to bear witness to his amazing power. I could never have imagined my love for this industry would lead to this family of team members – each who have special skills, yet share the common goal to become a valued Integrator of Packaging Automation and Robotic Solutions.”

Thomas loves watching thought become a reality from design to client solution. He also enjoys seeing each person in the company develop, learn, grow, and, more importantly, reach new heights.

Prior to founding CPS, Thomas spent 23 years cultivating his experience and love for the world of packaging, while working for a small distributor. He has 32 years’ experience in the industry and has continued to learn as it has morphed and grown through the years.

Scott Peters

Scott Peters

Partner/Technical Sales

Scott started with Creative Packaging Solutions in 2011. Working in technical sales, Scott develops sales and growth opportunities while keeping a close eye on critical project details and priorities. He most enjoys working closely with clients to provide a strategic solution to their automation needs and seeing those solutions benefit valued clients.

Prior to his work at CPS, Scott worked in the packaging field with a material and equipment distributor. Scott holds a B.S. in Business Management from Millersville University. He is also experienced in packaging automation and continuous improvement.

Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson

Technical Service Manager

Jeff began his career at Creative Packaging Solutions in 2017. Jeff manages the technical department, schedules appointments, and ensures client concerns get addressed. He also works with the layout and integration of components that go into projects and develops controls for custom machinery, including wiring and programming. Jeff sees every day as a new and unique challenge that needs to be addressed or fixed.

Prior to working for CPS, Jeff worked for a warehousing logistics and distribution company and a chocolate manufacturer. Jeff has years of experience in a variety of industrial machinery, from manufacturing and packaging to Autocad electrical, and Rockwell Automation programming. He holds an Associates’s degree in Applied Science.

Tim Stoltzfus

Tim Stoltzfus

Technical Sales

Tim began his career at Creative Packaging Solutions in 2012. His primary job is finding new accounts and helping clients find the proper solution to streamline and automate current and newly developed packaging lines. He creates relationships with clients and provides reassurance that CPS will support them with the service and materials they need to keep their applications running at maximum potential. He most enjoys the challenge of new and different opportunities every day.

Prior to his work at CPS, Tim spent 15 years in the restaurant industry. He was looking for a new challenge and found it in the packaging industry. Throughout his years with CPS, he has visited many vendor facilities to complete hands-on training.

When he’s not working, Tim enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.

Tim Thompson - Technical Sales

Tim Thompson

Technical Sales/Consumables Expert

Tim joined Creative Packaging Solutions in 2017 with over 30 years’ experience in all phases of packaging. In his current role, he maintains large consumables accounts and finds solutions for large packaging companies. He most enjoys working with his coworkers, sharing his expertise in packaging. He also likes developing new equipment strategies for CPS’s valued clients.

Prior to his work at CPS, Tim worked for several companies in the packaging distribution industry, where he received several Salesman of the Year awards. He also holds certifications from numerous packaging vendors. Tim holds an MBA from Wilkes University.

Matt Rump

Matt Rump

Service Tech

Matt began working for Creative Packaging Solutions in 2019. He services, repairs, and installs equipment based on customer needs. He most enjoys the flexibility of his job and the variety of equipment and clients CPS serves.

Prior to his work at CPS, Matt spent 10 years as an automotive technician, then worked in a fully-automated facility that palletized individual orders based on the customer needs for another 10 years.

Tyreese Musser

Tyreese Musser

Service Tech

Tyreese joined Creative Packaging Solutions directly after completing his education at Stevens Technical College of Lancaster PA. His role as Technical Service has lead him to see first hand how much the world of Automation and Robotics has to offer in terms of diversity and uniqueness. Quickly learning his way around programming the BIG and not so big robots we frequently install.

Zach Koberlein

Zachary Koberlein

Project Manager

Zachary joined Creative Packaging Solutions in 2017. As a project manager, he designs system layouts, assists with the quotation process, and manages projects from order to installation. While he loves picking on Tom (the boss), he also enjoys the opportunity to work in a vast array of industries with a variety of equipment. Every day is different.

Prior to his work at CPS, Zachary worked in the robotics division, JAMWorks Robotic Solutions. Zachary has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and three years’ experience in automation.

ben ambler

Ben Ambler

Project Engineer

Ben joined Creative Packaging Solutions in 2023 fresh out of Millersville University with a BS in Robotics and Control Systems. As a project manager, he helps with design layouts and managing all aspects of client projects.

He found his enjoyment and understanding of controls and automation through the many classes and clubs relating to the processes at Millersville that really got him into automation and control systems.

Being in a new environment has given Ben a lot of room to learn and grow.

He enjoys how different each project is – each day I learn something new.

Mindy Whitcraft

Mindy Whitcraft

Partner/Office Manager

Mindy joined Creative Packaging Solutions in 2013. She currently handles billing, order processing, and logistics. She most enjoys being involved in all aspects of a project, from working with sales on the quoting process to logistics, where she ensures the delivery of a completed project.

Prior to her work at CPS, Mindy worked in healthcare scheduling, billing, and payroll. She has over 20 years’ experience in various aspects of accounting and office processes.

cole the company dog


The Company Dog

Cole has been “working” at CPS since April, 2016 after being diagnosed with a neurological condition that affects his balance and coordination.

His favorite place to be is in the office, where he takes his role as security very seriously.