Explore Our Automated Packaging Solutions

Every manufacturing facility wants to get its products to their destination with as little damage as possible and keep costs low. Unfortunately, manual processes often mean additional steps that raise labor costs and slow production. Time-consuming manual processes and loose items getting damaged in transit are direct threats to your bottom line and can be easily avoided with automated packaging machinery.

At Creative Packaging Solutions, we specialize in streamlining outer and secondary packaging processes to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and eliminate mistakes that lead to rejections and recalls. We make it easy to get the right product on the right skid to the right destination as economically as possible.

Automated Packaging Machinery Options

Every operation can benefit from automated packaging solutions. When you produce goods on a large scale, packaging quickly becomes a major bottleneck – everything leads to the end of the line. When you’re interested in getting your products out the door, you need to integrate new tools and equipment to optimize and streamline delivering your products. Choose from these customized packaging automation solutions for:

A shrink-wrapped case of water bottles

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is one of the most useful materials for packaging, allowing quick and efficient sealing of goods. However, the shrink-wrap process involves multiple steps that can pose the risk of error. Streamline and smooth out the shrink-wrap process with an automated solution!

A bundle-wrapped pallet of cardboard

Bundle Wrap

Bundle wrapping your products will provide delivery and transportation with the best tools for ensuring safety and efficiency. We help design and integrate bundle-wrap machinery into your process so that you can efficiently automate and improve your shipping and handling process.

a close-up of a wine bottle that has been shrink-banded

Shrink Band

Your bottles, tubs, tins, and cans will benefit from shrink band sealing—and are often required to have this safety measure. This process puts a tight seal around your product. Ensure your goods are secure with our quality machinery designed to meet your regulatory needs quickly and efficiently.

A pallet of cardboard in the process of being stretch-wrapped

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is a high-effort solution for wrapping bulk deliveries, but it can be one of the best options for high-volume orders and larger batches, saving your employees the strenuous effort and difficulty involved with stretch wrapping with new stretch wrapping machinery.

A palletized batch of cardboard boxes


Shipping and inventory both run on pallets. Getting your products palletized is more difficult than you might assume. You need to ensure your process fits your goods onto pallets as efficiently and quickly as possible – which is what our palletizing machines can provide to your process.

Why Choose Automated Packaging Solutions?

While most companies ask what you need, we always start with WHY you need it in the first place. Why are your processes slowing down? Why do you think packaging automation solutions will help? We’ll talk with you about your production process, your challenges, and your goals. During this process, we may find that you don’t actually need the equipment you thought you did. Or you may need additional equipment at the front or the back of the process to keep production moving. Other companies would simply provide you with a catalog and wish you good luck – not us.

This discovery process helps us uncover issues BEFORE we make changes. We don’t want to affect your systems adversely. We want to improve and optimize your business with our automated packaging machinery. It also helps us identify opportunities to incorporate equipment you might not have considered – equipment that integrates with your whole process and even grows with you as your operation grows. Maybe you could benefit from a robotic solution not mentioned here or have another bottleneck in your coding and marking that hasn’t been addressed. Choose a company that wants to do more than just sell. Choose a company that wants to share in the joy of successful packaging automation solutions.

Experience the Creative Packaging Solutions Difference!

By investing in a consistent and constant workflow, you can leave error-filled workdays in the past. This investment comes in the form of packaging automation solutions. Not every step of your process can be robotized, but our packaging automation experts have worked with dozens of companies, providing creative and unexpected solutions to everyday problems. We can do far more than you might expect—let us show you the creative ways to use our robotic solutions!

Ready to explore better processes for your outer or secondary packaging? Call today and learn more about the products and equipment we can offer to your business. Our team is Lean Six Sigma certified, providing us with training in streamlining businesses of all kinds. We want to offer you all of the benefits of our automated packaging machinery expertise. It isn’t enough to have the tools and processes today. You need to have maximum efficiency.