Packaging Automation

Every manufacturing facility wants to get their products to their destination with as little damage as possible AND keep costs low. Unfortunately, manual processes often mean additional steps that raise labor costs and slow production.

At Creative Packaging Solutions, we specialize in streamlining outer and secondary packaging processes to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and eliminate mistakes that lead to rejects and recalls. We make it easy to get the right product on the right skid to the right destination as economically as possible.

Customized Solutions for:

  • Shrink Wrap
  • Bundle Wrap
  • Shrink Band
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Palletizing

We Start with Why…

While most companies ask what you need, we always start with WHY you need it in the first place. We’ll talk with you about your production process, your challenges, and your goals. During this process, we may find that you don’t actually need the equipment you thought you did. Or you may need additional equipment at the front or the back of the process to keep production moving.

This discovery process helps us uncover issues BEFORE we make changes that adversely affect your systems. It also helps us identify opportunities to incorporate equipment that integrates with your whole process and even grows with you as your operation grows.

That’s the Creative Packaging Solutions difference!

Ready to explore better processes for your outer or secondary packaging? Get in touch with us!