Automated and Robotic Packaging Solutions Take the Work Off Your Hands!

An overhead view of 4 robot picking machines on an assembly line

Are you tired of inconsistent packaging done by hand? Do you think your workforce would be better utilized elsewhere? Free up your employees with a creatively designed and fully automated packaging system! We at CPS are always excited to tackle a new challenge and provide our clients with faster and more efficient automated packaging solutions!

Doing more with less has become a common theme in manufacturing today. Efficient packaging systems are in high demand. Whether you want to increase capacity, maintain production levels with fewer employees, or improve overall efficiency, robotics, and automation could be the answer for your facility. Call us today or fill out our online form, and we can start discussing how we can make your dream facility a reality!

What Robotic and Automated Packaging Solutions Do You Need?

Robotic and automated packaging machines can be intimidating. You might be worried about expenses or concerned that you won’t be able to fit a new machine into your process. We are here to tell you we can help you make it work. We want to offer you every opportunity to install and integrate customized solutions designed to improve efficiency and boost your bottom line! You can choose from:

A box assembly machine for packing automation


Forming boxes and cases can be one of the most intensive steps in the packaging process. Assembly is one of the biggest opportunities for automation and robotic solutions. Rather than mass-forming cases and taking up space or interrupting production to form boxes as needed, you can add an assembly machine that will smoothly integrate with your end-of-line packaging processes.

A robotic arm picking boxes


Counting and selecting products for each case, box, or package can be tedious and time-consuming. Worst of all, it has a risk of human error. An automated picking machine can provide much more accurate counts throughout thousands of packages. This task frees up your labor force for more production, enhanced quality control, and other bottom-line improving work.

A packaging machine sealing boxes for delivery


Packing your products at the end of the line can be inefficient. Our robotic solutions to packaging will ensure that your goods are securely contained and protected in their boxes, trays, and cases, ensuring no waste from damaged or lost goods. Prevent your most frustrating productivity losses by investing in packaging machines that solve the issues at the end of your production line.

A pallet of liquid containers being wrapped by a palletizing machine


Once your boxes are formed, products are picked, and everything is packed away, it’s almost ready to ship in bulk. Palletizing is heavy and labor-intensive, involving large amounts of product and labor to ensure your goods are securely contained for the long haul. Let us install automated palletizing machines to solve your packaging issues and smooth out the end of your line.

When you work with Creative Packaging Solutions, you have the full breadth of the automation industry at your fingertips. We have a team of experts ready and excited to assess your packaging needs and eager to provide you with the most advanced robotic packaging solutions possible.

Who We Work With

CPS only works with the best for both the machines we choose and the clients we take on! We have provided clients big and small with the most unique and powerful robotic solutions.

Client Success Stories

One of the many success stories we see in our case studies is that of Menasha. Menasha, a packaging company, relied on manual labor to downpile their cases onto their skids. With 2 Fanuc case palletizing robots, their manual labor has been eliminated, allowing them to streamline their process and better deal with labor shortages. This is just one of many success stories that we are proud to have been a part of, from design to installation through training of their new robotic packaging solutions!

High-Quality Product Lines

We can integrate and customize a variety of options from top manufacturers of robotics and automated packaging solutions, including:

fanuc logo

The world’s leading robotics manufacturer, FANUC, offers the most complete line of industrial robots for almost any application, with payloads ranging from .5 kg to 2300 kg. These robots provide opportunities to maximize efficiency, reliability, quality, and profitability.

Our Integrated Solutions Start with WHY

While robotics and automation technologies can streamline production and increase productivity in very cost-effective ways, they don’t make sense for every operation. That’s why you get to take the time to explain and make sure we understand your production process before we make specific recommendations about robotics and automation technology. We ensure our automated packaging solutions are specifically tailored and customized to your needs.

We’ll analyze your upstream and downstream operations to help you be confident that any new technology added won’t create bottlenecks elsewhere in your production process. This ensures that every solution only increases your facility’s efficiency! Once you are up and running with your new robotic packaging solutions, we offer ongoing support and collaboration as your operation grows.

For us, it’s about recommending the RIGHT solution, not making a sale on a specific piece of equipment. We are collaborators, engineers, and integrators who love to solve problems, streamline processes, and improve your bottom line.